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Day 4: Quick ‘n Easy Project Kaizen

Quick ‘n Easy Kaizen: Winning with Project Kaizen

Hal Macomber

There isn’t an easier project kaizen approach than Quick ‘n Easy kaizen for improving performance on a project and across the project-based company. It comes down to this: The team that shoots more throughout the season wins more games. The quick ‘n easy approach increases the (improving) shots on goal by increasing the attempted improvements by individuals. How? By recognizing both the inherent autonomy of the individual coupled with their talents.

None of us wants to put up with annoyances or difficulties in doing a job. In the project setting we might only do a task a few… Read on >>

Quick and Easy Kaizen

Norman Bodek

At Intel a lot of people are continually on projects each with a specific purpose: maybe developing a new chip, maybe a new sales plan, maybe a better way of manufacturing a product, or maybe a way to improve the accounting process. While you are on a project team your are challenged, highly motivated to succeed and deliver the project on time. It is invigorating to be part of a new team with specific targets. It gives you a real chance to learn, and grow your skills. However, when the project is ending or over you go back into a… Read on >>

Project Kaizen: Rapid Improvements for You!

Joe Ely

“My life is a pain. How do I make it better?”

No, this isn’t a lonesome lover’s blog (just in case you were wondering…). Our discussion on Project Kaizen moves today to the individual.

The most significant work on this topic comes from Norman Bodek, particularly captured in his excellent book subtitled Quick ‘n Easy Kaizen. I got this book when it came out a few years ago, applied it, verbatim, and it is superb.

The essence of Norman’s work is captured by writing down the completion… Read on >>

Quick and Easy Kaizen for Project Teams

Jon Miller

My travels this week have made me the late blogger each day. I’ve had the benefit of being able to read and be inspired by the work of the other Gang of Severn bloggers. Thanks to an ice storm in Dallas I am unexpectedly in the office for a few hours. I will post early today, and keep it (relatively) short and this to the point.

Norman Bodek in his post on the Kaikaku blog talks about what is Quick and Easy Kaizen. Norman stresses the importance of respect for people as part of what makes Toyota successful with kaizen. In… Read on >>

Project Kaizen – Quick and Easy

Bill Waddell

As the week of Project Kaizen blogging rolls on with great insight coming from all sorts of unexpected corners, we reach a topic in which one of the ‘Gang of Seven’ towers so far above the rest of us, it is almost embarrassing to try to contribute. Thursday’s theme is ‘Quick and Easy Kaizen’ in a project setting and Norm Bodek quite literally wrote the book on the topic. Please do yourself the favor of checking out his take on the matter.

Quick and easy refers to the unique, often small improvements that each person can make individually, without the… Read on >>

Unleashing Employee Creativity with Quick and Easy Kaizen

Chuck Frey

Like its name implies, Quick and Easy Kaizen is one of the easiest ways to get started in having all of your employees implement continuous incremental improvement. Norman Bodek, one of our Gang of Seven co-bloggers for this week, co-authored (along with bunji Tozawa) a marvelous book on this variant of kaizen, entitled The Idea Generator: Quick & Easy Kaizen. In it, they explain what Quick and Easy Kaizen is, and how to put it into practice into your work environment:

“Quick and Easy Kaizen is a simple but powerful system designed to inspire all employees to generate or offer new…”

Read on >>

Project Kaizen: Quick & Easy Kaizen

Mark Graban

One thing that comes to mind about project environments is the coffee area. Why is that? Well, for one, the coffee often tastes horrible and is often dirty or poorly maintained (this is true in manufacturing and health care environments too!!).
I often use the coffee area in the break room as a teaching lab for lean principles. We brainstorm problems about the area and focus on making changes immediately. You say you can’t find Splenda? Let’s create a standard location for that. Some people make the coffee too weak? Let’s create and post a standard process for making coffee (use three scoops, etc.). Read on >>

Project Kaizen: Thursday

Kathleen Fasanella

Today we’re supposed to write about quick ‘n easy kaizen; improvements that affect the ease of one person doing a job and within one’s authority to make a change. For my project, I’ve selected a poka yoke I’ve talked about poka yoke before. Poka yokes are little things you can do to flubproof a task, making it impossible (or at least highly improbable) for one to make a mistake. A good example is a coffee grinder. If the cap is not aligned properly, it won’t grind and if the cap is on, you won’t have coffee spilling everywhere making a… Read on >>

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