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Small Change: Read a Few More Pages

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Read one to three more pages each day.

My day is busy. Waaay too busy. Yet I make time to read. I didn’t always read. In fact, before college I didn’t read anything. Once I got out of college I remember saying, “Thank God I don’t have to read anymore.” It was 12 – 15 years later that I took up reading again. It was in spurts. We had started our family—three boys—they were and continue to be a handful. Sometimes I would read a novel. Other times I’d just read a few news magazines. Eventually, I got in the habit of reading at least one book each month. I’m glad I did. I now read much more than that.

Looking back, I could’ve done a better job at adopting the “reading habit.” Susan and Larry Terkel, writing in Small Change, advise you start by reading “one to three (more pages) than you are currently reading (each week).” That doesn’t sound like a big deal. Grab a book…how about the Business Week book of the year, The Box, by Mark Levinson. It’s the story of how the shipping container has changed world-wide trade. (Ok, it might not be for you. So pick another book.) The point is to read…to engage in the world…to challenge ourselves to think differently about who we are and what we are doing. And it can happen with just one to three more pages a day. That is the spirit of kaizen.

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One Response to “Small Change: Read a Few More Pages”

  1. david green
    on Oct 15th, 2007
    @ 7:37 am

    What a great and encouraging idea. I’d love to read more: Jim Collins on his website ( recommends not-business-books to read: so variety plus dedication. Range from classics to the moderns, fringe to mainstream: reading is conversation with (sometimes great) minds: get into it and keep it up.