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If Kaizen Works for a Casket Manufacturer What Might it Do for You?

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Each year Industry Week (IW) profiles the best manufacturers. The recent years’s lists have been dominated by firms employing lean approaches. Batesville Caskets is one of those firms, A Daily Routine of Continuous Improvement. In addition to their build just what is ordered and their commitment to continuous flow manufacturing, Batesville has become a benchmark company for many different manufacturers based on their commitment to kaizen.

At Batesville they call their continuous improvement efforts “Daily Improvement Target Countermeasures” or DITCA. While it’s a mouthful, their most recent efforts have saved the firm over $1 million. Their approach is like the Quick ‘n Easy Kaizen (QnEK) approach. As we’ve profiled before, QnEK is a numbers game. It’s like shots on goal. Over the season, the team that shoots more eventually scores more. Whether you’re working on a production line or on a project, making your job easier, safer, or doing something that adds just a little more value will eventually pay off in a big way. Batesville takes that approach. And they’ve recently been recognized by the National Safety Council for their outstanding safety record. Kaizen and safety go hand-in-glove.

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