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  • Published: Nov 25th, 2006
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Small Changes for Better Health

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I‘m not in the habit of writing chapter-by-chapter reviews of books. This series on the book Small Change, by Susan & Larry Terkel is an experiment for me. I’ve been trying out the small change approach in a few areas of my life. I wrote about making a habit of appreciating and acknowledging others. It’s a habit that I want for myself.

There are many habits I want for myself. In Chapter 2 the authors propose a set of behaviors for better health and the small change approach for acquiring them as habits. We all know the benefits of exercise, sleep, good posture, and flossing. Do you have the habits you want? I don’t. But the authors go on to describe some other small changes that might make a big difference in your health. Did you know you can do eye exercises to potentially improve your sight? How about blowing your nose to stay healthy? Their advice to slow down to enjoy eating food might help you lose 20 pounds.

None of the Terkel’s advice is new. (Is anything really new?) They show us the practice of small change. It’s the kaizen way.

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