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  • Published: Nov 19th, 2006
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Small Changes in Life

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Kaizen is Toyota’s winning strategy for competing throughout the world. Small changes everyday by everyone keeps the automaker on its toes while stepping on those of their competitors. Susan and Larry Terkel claim, “Small changes are consistent with human nature and evolution.” Their book Small Change offers a straight-forward approach to adopting small changes and the kaizen way in your life. In this first of six postings that follow the chapters of their book, I’ll highlight the Terkel’s approach.

  1. Look closely at what you do everyday.
  2. Make only one change at a time.
  3. Make small change a constant in your life.
  4. Trust the power of small change, and remember, it will add up.
  5. Enjoy making small change.

A story in Fortune What It Takes to Be Great tells about the key to doing well. It’s not talent. It’s practice. Daily practice. Small change is the daily practice that can transform our lives.

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