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In 1991 Norman Bodek published the book 40 Years, 20 Million Ideas: The Toyota Suggestion System, Productivity Press. During the 40 year period Toyota got more the 100 adopted ideas/person/year. (The book is no longer in print, although there are used copies available through Amazon.) 15 years later, Norman is touting a simple kaizen approach. He calls it Quick and Easy Kaizen (QnEK). In 2001, he co-authored a book with Bunji Tozawa, The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen, PCS Press. Having spent 2 days with Norman visiting Toyota’s Georgetown, KY plant, QnEK came up over and over. We’ve been using it with our clients. You should too.

The QnEK approach can be introduced using this simple form:

Quick and Easy Kaizen
Before Improvement: After Improvement:
“We had this kind of problem.” “We took this corrective action.”
The Effect:
“We improved a little bit.”
Date: Name:
©2001, The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen, PCS Press

The secret of the QnEK approach is encouraging people to change what could make their work easier for them and is in their control. Writing down the change helps people think more clearly about what they are doing. It also provides a basis for sharing and continuing to improve the same situation.

Try the QnEK approach on your project. Encourage each person on the project to make 2 changes each month. Use the QnEK Report as the ticket to a twice-monthly meeting where results are shared.

Check back here for more on the approach. I’ll have a Project version of QnEK for you.

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