Project Kaizen

Bringing the power of continuous improvement to the project setting

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  • Published: Dec 7th, 2005
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Join Us with Project Kaizen

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A group of like-minded lean practitioners noticed that kaizen was generally not being practiced in the project setting. We’ve set out to change that and we invite you to help us do that. We called ourselves the Gang-of SevenHal Macomber: Kaikaku
Joe Ely: Learning about Lean
Jon Miller: Panta Rei
Bill Waddell: Evolving Excellence
Chuck Frey Innovation Weblog
Mark Graban: Lean Manufacturing Blog. Our first project was a week-long co-blogging series where we explored project kaizen. You can read those postings along with some additional postings of others on this site.

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One Response to “Join Us with Project Kaizen”

  1. Bob Wells
    on Dec 19th, 2005
    @ 1:44 pm

    Let me be the first to say this website is a great idea! The Maurer book you show as “now reading” I think can be relevant to project teams – Maurer’s belief is that smallness is the weapon to use against resistance to change. Things not changing? Go smaller.